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Developer: Isaac Nichols

Release Date: May 22nd, 2018

Platform: PC


Price: $14.99

Availability: Steam

Rating: Mild Fantasy Violence

File Size: 3GB

Press Contact


Drones & Ruins is a dynamic top down twin stick shooter where you become the intelligence of a scout drone that has agreed to assist an ally pilot reunite with a loved one. You will need to fight hard and anticipate the enemy's next attack so that you can glide into cover before you go up in smoke. Now is the time to showcase your best evasive maneuvers as the enemy attempts to flank, corner and pursue you. Human derived A.I. vs synthetic derived A.I, who will win?

Drone & Ruins Features

  • Single Player Story Mode

  • Includes 6 areas (4 - 5 levels per area)

  • Explore rocky caverns dodging lasers and enemy projectiles

  • Engage with dynamic AI

  • Vibrant visuals and particles effects

  • Play to an engaging soundtrack

  • Average playtime 2-4 hour campaign depending on difficulty setting and skill level

Upcoming game expansions are included with purchase.
-Grid Wave Mode
-Additional Storm the Castle Levels


Isaac Nichols - Game Developer




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