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First! -Blog Post "Just DO IT!"

I have seen several articles discussing the value of writing a blog post but never decided to do one until now. It may be due to the amount of work I have put into trying to get the word out about my game Drones & Ruins so now I feel like expressing my feelings. For the past week or so there hasn't been much game development--which gives me anxiety, instead, I have been focused on getting the website, mailing list, Facebook page, steam page, trailer, screenshots, etc. all up and running because I shouldn't wait to the day before release to do this :) I'm glad it is all up now however I'm sure there is something that I left out. I tried to wait until everything was perfect however, I have to remind myself nothing is truly perfect so, you just have to DO IT! As crazy as this video is below I can't deny that it is true.

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